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Sharepoint 2007 Training

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1) Overview
2) Libraries
3) Lists
4) Views
5) Web Parts
6) User Settings
7) Pages, Sites & Workspaces
8) Users & Permissions
9) Site Settings

Welcome to the Apptix SharePoint 2007 Training site!

While you can jump to any video on the site, this training has been designed to take you from Beginner to Advanced tutorials by following the Tabs at the top of the page.

Introducing SharePoint Services
    Exploring The SharePoint Site

Libraries (Documents, Pictures, & Wikis)
    Introduction To Document Libraries
    Document Approval
    Introduction To Picture Libraries
    Introduction To Wiki Libraries

    Introduction To Announcements
    Introduction To Contacts
    Introduction To Calendars
    Introduction To Links
    Introduction To Tasks
    Introduction To Project Tasks
    Introduction To Issues
    Introduction To And Creating Surveys
    Introduction To Discussion Boards
    Introduction To Blogs
    Introduction To Custom Lists
    Saving A List As A Template
    Create A Custom List From Excel
    Working with Views

Web Parts
    Introduction To Web Parts
    Working With Image Web Parts
    Working With Content Editor Web Parts

User Settings
    Working With My Settings
    Personalizing Pages

Pages, Sites & Workspaces
    Creating Basic Pages
    Creating Web Part Pages
    Creating Sites And Workspaces
    Creating Sites With Unique Permissions

Users & Permissions
    Working with Users and Permissions

Site Settings
    Working With Site Settings

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